Getting out of bed sucks. Wake up with friends!
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I’m visiting Bucks County and staying at my parent’s house, I could definitely use Crowd Alarm here, I wish it was working already.

Hanging out with all of my friends and spending time with my family gives me plenty of energy and feelings of well being, but the sudden, drastic change in environment isn’t doing much to help my sleeping habits and my work habits.

The truth is, my sleeping habits and work habits are already laughably poor. The improvements that I’ve made over the years depend to a large degree on accepting that my habits suck and doing everything I can to set my self up for success. This means taking steps like setting up my room a certain way, so I can wake up, walk across the room and stand at my computer, which I’ve cleared of all distracting windows and written out an agenda on the night before. My success relies on measures such as working with my environment, practicing routines that I rely on and finding things to keep me grounded and give me feedback to keep me on track. Since I’ve been at my parent’s house I’ve goen to sleep watching News Radio and woken up when I felt guilty enough to get out of bed. Obviously, whatever means of regulating my sleeping habits I practiced in Texas have gone out the window here.

Crowd Alarm is exciting to me, because it’s one more corrective measure to keep me on track. My alarm clock kind of works that way, but with Crowd Alarm, I’ll be waking up to something new everyday, so the novelty will make me less inclined to ignore my wake up call message. Even if I go back to sleep, I’ll still listen to the entire 30 second or 60 second message out of curiosity, and if the message does its job, it will convince me to not go back to sleep. Because Crowd Alarm is automated, I’ll maintain one more grounding force that can give me the inertia to implement all of the other things that take a little more intention and effort on my part, like writing out an agenda and setting up my computer before I go to sleep.

15 days until Crowd Alarm! No doubt I’m a little nervous, but you can’t go wrong when you’re doing your best to benefit friends. The sign up page is at

I’m reading the book “Principles” by Ray Dalio, which I found out about after seeing his video explaining credit cycles and deleveraging. There is a wealth of practical information about success in the book, which you can download for free from the Bridgewater Associates website.

Ray Dalio describes a success machine in which you are both the designer and a component of the machine. Here’s the picture from the book that illustrates the machine concept:


To produce success you need to respond to the machine’s outcomes by modifying the design and people of the machine. The key is that the first you (the designer) needs to be completely objective about the second you (a member of the machine). Dalio stresses that it is crucial for the first you to recognize when the second you is not the best person for a job. Basically, if you can’t do something well, you need to fire yourself and find someone else to fill the role. If you refuse to be objective about your limitations, your machine limps on the ground instead of taking off.

The machine framework brings together several of the core principles that Dalio expounds. These principles amount to practicing a deep level of honesty and acceptance. I believe in the same principles, but please take Ray’s advice, not mine.

This way of applying acceptance to daily life resonated with me when I read it because it’s the exact motivation behind Crowd Alarm. I accept that I am really awful at convincing myself to get out of bed, and since waking up when I should plays a critical role in my success, I’m better off finding someone better equipped to convince me that it’s time to get up.

Success is not about pushing yourself to be awesome at everything. When you build a machine of people and systems that makes your life better, it’s important to find the right person for each job, and to do that you can’t do everything yourself. I’m buildling Crowd Alarm for people like me who wake up better with a system and friends to help them. You can join Crowd Alarm to motivate others to get out of bed and to get a little motivation for yourself. Check it out:

The Crowd Alarm landing page is up today. The service will begin in 30 days.

I’ve wanted to work on this idea for a couple years. The initial concept was just too weird to get started on, but maybe those original features will pop up eventually.

For most of my life I’ve refused to get out of bed. I’ve lost jobs and failed classes because I’d rather be sleeping. I’ve written songs about how I prefer to be under the covers and I’ve gone weeks at a time thinking that 2PM is a reasonable hour for breakfast.

As much as I love sleeping in, my life is better when I wake up early. I rarely regret waking up early and if I’m too tired I can always take a nap. I know how good my day can be if I just get out of bed, but getting out of bed seems ridiculous when I’m sleeping and caught up in a pleasant dream.

I want someone to remind me in the mornings that I’m going to die one day soon, so I better make the most of today. I want to wake up inspired instead of resentful of the alarm clock, and I want to inspire friends and neighbors when they wake up. It would feel incredible to call someone in the morning and have a positive effect on their attitudes and actions as they start their day.

I don’t care about convincing half the world that friendly strangers waking each other up is a good idea, but I do care about finding the people who already think the idea sounds good. This service is something I need to make my life better. If you’re into it or you know someone who would be into it, let’s do it!

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