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I’m reading the book “Principles” by Ray Dalio, which I found out about after seeing his video explaining credit cycles and deleveraging. There is a wealth of practical information about success in the book, which you can download for free from the Bridgewater Associates website.

Ray Dalio describes a success machine in which you are both the designer and a component of the machine. Here’s the picture from the book that illustrates the machine concept:


To produce success you need to respond to the machine’s outcomes by modifying the design and people of the machine. The key is that the first you (the designer) needs to be completely objective about the second you (a member of the machine). Dalio stresses that it is crucial for the first you to recognize when the second you is not the best person for a job. Basically, if you can’t do something well, you need to fire yourself and find someone else to fill the role. If you refuse to be objective about your limitations, your machine limps on the ground instead of taking off.

The machine framework brings together several of the core principles that Dalio expounds. These principles amount to practicing a deep level of honesty and acceptance. I believe in the same principles, but please take Ray’s advice, not mine.

This way of applying acceptance to daily life resonated with me when I read it because it’s the exact motivation behind Crowd Alarm. I accept that I am really awful at convincing myself to get out of bed, and since waking up when I should plays a critical role in my success, I’m better off finding someone better equipped to convince me that it’s time to get up.

Success is not about pushing yourself to be awesome at everything. When you build a machine of people and systems that makes your life better, it’s important to find the right person for each job, and to do that you can’t do everything yourself. I’m buildling Crowd Alarm for people like me who wake up better with a system and friends to help them. You can join Crowd Alarm to motivate others to get out of bed and to get a little motivation for yourself. Check it out:

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